About Us

Austin_Head_Shot_ThumbOculus Photonics is a small business owned by Dr. Austin Richards, a consultant in the field of infrared and ultraviolet imaging. Dr. Richards has over 18 years of industrial experience developing invisible-light imaging systems and applications.  He developed the UVCorder™ out of the necessity for a digital imaging solution in the longwave ultraviolet band.  Oculus Photonics is an approved government contractor with a SAM registration, CAGE Code and DUNS number.

The UVScanner™ is a response to the demands of the forensic market for a “quick look” ruggedized UV imaging device.

The SpectraScanner™ gives the forensic investigator the ability to image in both the longwave UV band and the near-IR band.

The UVSIS HD™ and  UVSIS™system enables people to visualize sun damage on their skin and to see sunscreen being applied.

Dr. Richards is the author of the book Alien Vision: Exploring the Electromagnetic Spectrum with Imaging Technology, and is the author of numerous articles and papers on the subject of invisible-light imaging.  For more information, please use our Contact Us form.