Ultraviolet Skin Imaging System: UVSIS™

In 2014, a video produced by Mr. Thomas Leveritt of New York called How the Sun Sees You stimulated a great deal of worldwide interest in UV skin imaging.  That year, Oculus Photonics introduced the UVSIS™, a “UV Mirror” that allows skin care professionals to assess sun damage of facial skin and to help clients practice proper application of sunscreen.  The UVSIS, or Ultraviolet Skin Imaging System enables people to visualize themselves with UV light, which makes hyperpigmentation sun damage very apparent, and makes sunscreen look like black paint!  The system consists of a UV camera module, a video monitor, and a pair of UV LED lamps to provide uniform lighting of the user’s face.

In February of 2017, Oculus Photonics released an updated version of this product, the UVSIS HD™. A high-definition (1080p) UV camera is coupled with a 21 inch HD monitor and a pair of UV illuminators. The system has four times the resolution of the original UVSIS.  Here is a picture of the system, followed by  stills showing sunscreen being applied to a face as captured from the HD ultraviolet video stream:




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Ultraviolet Forensics Imaging Systems

uv-scannerOculus Photonics has developed novel tools for forensic investigators to examine crime scenes with invisible light. In the past, this was done with photographic film, and it was a difficult technique to master. Digital cameras and electronic imaging sensors make UV imaging a snap.

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SpectraScanner™, UVCorder™ and UVScanner™, Hand-held Ultraviolet Imaging Solutions

The UVCorder makes it possible to view scenes in the near-ultraviolet band and acquire digital video and stills quickly and easily.  It replaces awkward film-based camera systems in applications as diverse as forensics, camouflage detection, art conservation and biological research.

The UVScanner is a ruggedized active UV imaging system where portability and ease of handling is of primary concern and recording is of secondary importance.

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