Imaging teeth and dental work

UV imaging can be used to delineate of cracks in the enamel, caries at the gingival margin, calculus and tobacco stains, detection of veneers, crowns and composite repairs, as well as for visualizing the surface texture of teeth.  Documenting the location of crowns, veneers and others repairs is often important in fraud cases involving dental insurance claims.

Watermark Pat's Teeth Vis-UV
Teeth with composite resin repairs to the left incisor. The resin has long-chain hydrocarbons in it, which readily absorb UV.   Left-Visible, Right-UV

Watermark Austin's Teeth Vis-UV
Teeth with two ceramic veneers (front two lower teeth). The ceramic has less reflectivity in the UV band than real teeth.  Left-Visible, Right-UV

Watermark Chelsea's Teeth Vis-UV
Teeth with composite repairs.